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Ryan K. Wallace

I serve my clients in a wide variety of legal matters, including real estate transactions and disputes, divorce and family law, probate and estate matters, wills and trusts and criminal defense.  
I attended Williams Baptist College and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree. I then attended the University of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma School of Law where I earned my Juris Doctor.
I am licensed to practice throughout the State of Arkansas and I am a member of the Arkansas Bar Association.
I served as Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the 3rd Judicial District of the State of Arkansas for 9 years. This opportunity led to countless hours of courtroom experience and a solid understanding of our judicial process.  I have prosecuted cases ranging from murder, rape & sexual assault, drug trafficking, battery, theft, an assortment of drug/gun related cases and including DWI's and other misdemeanors.

As a prosecutor, I learned it is not about what is alleged, it is about what you can prove.  As a defense attorney, I hold the State accountable to it's burden of proof and force them to prove each and every charge.  

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